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Why Us?
Optotech Systems works towards meeting the goals on time every time, scaling unheard standards of quality at low cost. A very broad spectrum of technical expertise available with us helps us deliver optimal solutions for varied needs of our customers.

DSP Tools
Optotech Systems is the value-added front end distributor for EWA Technologies, Inc, USA. Blackhawk is a business unit of EWA/EWA Technologies. Blackhawk was the first to introduce a USB JTAG Emulator for Texas Instruments DSP's and is a member of the Texas Instruments Third Party Developers Network.

Blackhawk is a leader in the design of DSP hardware and software Development tools. The first to develop a USB to JTAG emulator for Texas Instruments XDS510 class devices and next generation with the Blackhawk USB560 JTAG Emulator. Blackhawk also features several Advanced Software Tools, POSIX OS and Emulation Utilities specifically geared to the Embedded space. Additionally, Blackhawk provides several different emulation adapters to fit Texas Instruments standard JTAG target headers.

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